Proud Lion Cub

Here is another children’s poem. As you probably can see and will see, all of the little poems will have the same frame. I wanted to keep it this way for consistency reason but to all get children to think. I think most questions stir up possible boundless answers inside of us. I hope that when you read this to your children that it will spark thoughts and let their imagination run wild. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy.

Proud Lion Cub

Proud Lion Cub, with all that courage…

Where does it come from? Where does your strength come from?

Is it when you are playing with your brothers, sisters, or cousins?

Or when you have a chance to play with your mom or dad?

Is it when you hop of a rock?

Or when you pounce on a cricket?

Is it when you can sneak up behind a mouse?

Or when you sneak up and scare your aunts?

Is it when you look over all the land you can play on?

Or when you are surrounded by your pride family?

Where does it come from? Where does your might come from?

Proud Lion cub, with all the bravery…

Once again, I don’t mind sharing as long as you give “my safe haven creation” credit and it would be nice to post a link to this blog. Also, I don’t mind if you copy or paste the poem outside of the internet (just as long as you give proper credit again). Please don’t use any of the poem, in whole or in part, to make a profit. You can ask me a question at anytime. By next week, I hope to post an update or another creation. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy.


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