Poem- The Lovely Pine Tree

I hope everyone has a fun and safe week. Next poem will be up by Tuesday Christmas Eve, so talk to you soon.

The Lovely Pine Tree

 When the winter winds come

All the plants begin to freeze

The trees wave goodbye to autumn

In return, they lose their leaves

The forest that was once full of warmth and life

Appear to be cold and of nothing

And yet, there is one that is different

The one that had no change during the fall season

Whose presence during three seasons had become absent

Now you couldn’t miss it for any reason

The pine tree that stands alone without a strife

A simple tree that has now become an even greater something

A pine tree, just like us humans, stays all winter long

A rare life that doesn’t need to change for any weather

Something that will always be there like a classic song

Even in coldest of nights couldn’t make it shiver

A small life form that can bring hope to everyone

That we can also make it through the winter

So let us show the tree that we care

Take out all your lights, bulbs, and ornaments

Decorate the tree and don’t leave one spot bare

Giving the tree its greatest present

The next time you pass a pine tree in spring, summer, or autumn

Remember that in the past years, it was with you through worse and better


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