Poem- Floating in the Earth’s Atmosphere

Happy (early) Martin Luther King Jr Day! To celebrate I’m going to share a poem that is just more on the feeling of freedom. I felt this poem best fit it. I hope you enjoy and update you later in the week.

Flying in Earth’s Atmosphere

Above the clouds and in the cool mist

Looking forward at the endless scenery

Feeling the wind go over your body,

and floating you higher to the sun

The sun’s warmth on your back

Letting yourself get lost

Drifting in a wind current

Watching the sky change to purples, pinks, and oranges

Seeing the moon peaking through the dawn sky

Meeting the brisk cold air.

As the stars begin to come out in the night sky

Dancing within the twinkling stars

Your mind drifting into the universe

Taking a deep breath

Enjoying the moment

You heart singing of peace



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