Poem – The Light

Here is a poem for Chinese’s Lantern Day on February 14th. This is just a general poem and it doesn’t have specific meaning to the day. It’s all in fun celebration.

The Light

When the night sky has taken over the day

The stars start to twinkle and the moon is shining bright

To move through darkness, regardless of the stars and moon

Can be an obstacle for the human eyes

To take a piece of light from home

Placing it in a keepsake

To hold out in front of you, even in the darkest of dark places

Can break through anything

Even if this keepsake is metal or paper

Even if it holds hopes or wishes

To keep the light burning, in spite of hard times

Can be a wondrous triumph that ripples throughout the world

No matter what is ahead

No matter what lays behind

To keep that hope or wish in the light, in the face of darkness

Can make a human’s life limitless


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