Children’s Story – My Safe Haven: Desk

I have been working on this story and artwork (yes, I drew the picture myself) for quite some time. This is written in a child’s perspective, so it is written within a mind of a child. This is supposed to be a series of stories of different safe havens. That is why the title has “: Desk”. I hope to post another version in the distant future but not too far. I hope you enjoy it.

My Safe Haven: Desk

Late in the evening, as I was preparing to go to bed, a horribly loud storm came through. The lightning brightened my room every few minutes. The thunder rumbled and shook the house soon after each lightning.

The storm really scared me. I went to my family but each of them said the same thing. “It’s only a storm. Everything will pass by soon,” They said. That didn’t make me feel any better. I went back into my room and lay on my bed. I try to ignore the storm, but the lightnings and thunders were just too much.

I took the blanket that sat on the edge of my bed and wrapped it around me. That still didn’t help. I went over to my desk to take the flashlight out of the drawer. That’s when I thought, “why not go under my desk?” So I took the flashlight and put it under the desk. I grabbed my blanket and put it over me. I went under the desk and turned the flashlight on. Magically, I felt safe.

Then I crawled out of the blanket and found my book, stuffed bunny, and my diary with a pencil. I set them under the blanket and I went underneath. I read a couple of chapters of my book and wrote in my diary while holding my bunny, when I realized something… I couldn’t hear the thunder anymore. I went out of my blanket and looked out of my window. No more lightning was outside and the hard rain had turned into a light shower. I took my stuffed bunny, jumped into bed and fell asleep.

The next day I decided I would keep my new space. I took an old cardboard box that was empty, and put books, notebooks, and pencils inside the box. I put it under the drawer section of my desk. I took a curtain rod, which used to hang on my window, from my closet and asked someone to put it up under my desk. Then I took the blanket and hung it up over the rod.

Now I have place that I go to when a storm comes. Sometimes I just go under there before bed and sometimes I just go under there just to read. I like having my own place that I set up for myself, a place that I call, “My Safe Haven”.

This is connected with the  story "My Safe Haven: Desk". This is created by me for my own use, please don't use image without permission.

This is connected with the story “My Safe Haven: Desk”. This is created by me for my own use, please don’t use image without permission.

~ This story and artwork has been created by me. You are welcome to share through the link of this blog. If you would like to share (distribute, publish and/or anything of the fashion) the story and/or artwork by itself, please ask for permission first. Thank you. ~


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