Mischievous Pig Fables: April fools

It was April fool’s day, when a small neighborhood was just waking up. Mr. Groundhog took out a container that has “Orange Juice” on it and began to pour it, only to find apple juice coming out instead. Mama bear looked for her bear scissors in the drawer to cut coupons out of the newspaper, only to find that they have been replaced with little scissors. Mr. Hare took a scoop out of the sugar jar and put it into his coffee. He took a sip and quickly spit it out because it was very salty. Ma and Pa mouse was getting their children ready for school when they realize that the children’s tiny bags have been replaced with monstrous bags. As they all knew who did it, they walked over to Perry the Pig’s house to see that he was drinking orange juice, with a bowl of cereal that has sugar on top, cutting out comic strips from the newspaper with big scissors, and putting the strips in tiny bags.

Perry’s note: If you want to set up the perfect April fools, do it in the early morning.


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