Children Story: The Ermine, The Beaver, and The Boar

Decided to give my own take on Florian fable, translated by Gen. J.W. Phelps , and illustration J.J. Grandville

beaver, boar, ermine

The Ermine, The Beaver, and The Boar

        There once lived three great friends: an Ermine, a Beaver, and a Boar. They were playing, as they usually did, when the Boar noticed where they were. “Hey! We are not far from that place that grows great wild cherry trees,” said the Boar. The Ermine asked with excitement, “You mean the place where the cherries are extra juicy and delightful?” The Beaver chimed in, “Oh, we must go. To miss out on this opportunity would be plain silly.”

Therefore, the three began to walk to their destination and they almost made it all the way, when they ran into a problem. A mud hole filled with worms, snakes, and creepy crawlies was in their way. “This is where I stop, my friends,” said the Ermine. “I don’t wish to get my clothes dirty the slightest bit.” The Beaver quickly went over to the Ermine’s side and said, “My friend, you don’t have to worry. You know that I’m a handy builder and I can build a bridge to get us safely across.” “A bridge!?” exclaimed the Boar. “Nonsense, clothes can always become clean again and building a bridge will take too much time. Let’s all hold hands and walk steadily across the mud.”

Even though it was tricky when they first stepped foot into the mud, but eventually they all made it past this muddy hole. It was a good thing that they did go across, as the cherries were only around the corner and 20 feet away from it. They filled their bellies full with cherries. They even stuffed some in their pockets to take home later. The Ermine and the Beaver were thankful to the Boar. They would have never been able to make it but that, is what great friends are for.


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