Simple Happiness: Box

Hello Everyone,

I have a new book that I am independently releasing. Simple Happiness: Box is the new imaginary adventure that Ever and Sky go through. It will be available February 1st 2015. As this is my first paying book, I wanted to make sure that I made no mistakes. Placing it on preorder allows me to continue to fix it without anybody buying a bad copy. I will have a page for this but until then … information and places to preorder the book are below (some stores do offer samples previews now):

Simple Happiness: Box for (US) $0.99

Simple Happiness is about Sky and Ever showing how to have great fun with using simple things you can find anywhere. Making up games and playtime with simple craft projects and your imagination can create everlasting joy.

In Simple Happiness: Box, explores the many possible ways someone could play in a big box. Cutting, drawing, and transforming the box into many different ideas.

You can Preorder this E-book on,

Apple/iTunes (iBook), and Kobo.


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