The Hedgehog and The Rabbits

Here is another take on one of Florian fables, translated by Gen. J.W. Phelps , and illustration J.J. Grandville

Hedgehog and rabbits

There once lived a Hedgehog, who lived by himself. He lived under a lovely hedge and was the happiest Hedgehog you could’ve met. Then one day, his home was hit by a terrible storm. The Hedgehog was fine after the storm but his hedge was not. It was completely destroyed and now he had no home to live in.

 It just so happened that the Hedgehog knew about a family of Rabbits that lived in a burrow nearby. So, he went down into the burrow to talk to the Rabbits about what happened. He met with the eldest Rabbit. He told him how his home was destroyed in the storm and had no place to go. The eldest Rabbit welcomed him to stay as long as he needed until he finds a new home. The Hedgehog thanked him and all the Rabbits for letting him stay. He promised to help them out with chores for letting him stay.

 However, every time he helped, his quills would get in the way. When he swept the floors, he would bump and poke into someone. When he made the beds, he would leave quills in between the sheets. Lastly, whenever he helped with the dishes, his quills would knock them onto the floor. Every time it happened, he would apologies and promised that he would do better. Since he lived alone in his hedge, he didn’t know how to live with others around him. Nevertheless, he kept trying to get better every day. Eventually he would stop poking people. Eventually he would stop leaving quills behind. Eventually, he knew how to walk around without knocking something over.

 He spent many months like this until he found a new home. His new home was close to the Rabbits burrow. So whenever he began to miss his Rabbit friends, he would go visit them. The Hedgehog would bring over a snack for the whole family and stayed with them until bedtime.



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