Old post: Children’s – Groundhog’s Day Poem

Here is my children’s poem for groundhogs day from last year. I hope you enjoy.


Groundhog’s Day Poem

I am a simple groundhog

No relation to a hedgehog

So don’t ask me

Why we have the same last name?

I guess a hog was a cool thing to be

But I say, it’s no claim to fame

I am called many things

A woodchuck, a whistle pig both have a nice rings

But I choose groundhog

Sounds nothing special from a catalogue

But as I rest after my morning jog

The name brings up a good dialogue

Why would some talk about it?

Well because there is a holiday name after it

Groundhog’s Day

On February 2nd every year

An animal that has a highly celebrated holiday

Now that is something you don’t usually hear

Why do I have a day?

Let me explain it all the way

If I see my shadow

Winter is here to stay

If I don’t see my shadow

Springs is on its way

It’s really very simple

So don’t be bashful

Come and watch me in person or on TV

As the weather will help me to predict

If the winter is long or spring is closer than you can see

Sunny or cloudy, I rarely get sick


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