Free E-book set 3


I have made another set of my children’s poem together into a free e-books.  This time the 4 children’s poem are: Little Ant, Graceful Goose, Delicate Deer Fawn and Fluffy Eagle Chick. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I’ll try and update the page Creations for Children – Poetry to have the links available there.

The e-book is called Questioning Our Animal Friends: Ant, Goose, Deer, and Eagle by Nancie Louise

You can purchase the e-book for free from retailers: Smashwords (click here),

Barnes & Noble (click here), Kobo (click here), and Apple (iBook) (click here),

Ebook apps: Page Foundry

book subscription company: Oyster and Scribd

Library programs: Baker & Taylor Blio, Library direct, and OverDrive.

Thank you and next week I will post a creations.


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