Poem – In The River

In the River

Swimming in a river,

Feeling the squashy sand between your toes.

The clouds reflecting off the water,

The sun helping you to be a little warm.

Diving your head underwater,

Seeing rocks and plants on the ground.

The cool water all around you,

The waves rolling onto the beach.

Free E-Book Set 2

Hello Again,

I have made another set of my children’s poem together into a free e-books.  THis time the 4 children’s poem are: Suited up Penguin, The Lovely Raccoon, Playful Bear Cub, and Silly Duckling. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I’ll try and update the page Creations for Children – Poetry to have the links available there.

The e-book is called Questioning Our Animal Friends: Penguin, Raccoon, Bear and Duckling by Nancie Louise

You can purchase the e-book for free from retailers: Smashwords (click here),

Barnes & Noble (click here) , Kobo, Apple (iBook), Page Foundry,

and Txtr (click here)

book subscription company: Oyster and Scribd

Library programs: Baker & Taylor Blio, Library direct, and OverDrive.

Thank you and next week I will post a creations.

Poem: Halloween and Fall Candy

Usually when Fall and Halloween are coming

They think of pumpkins, sweaters and campfires burning

But there are some people who are like me

And think of all the wonderful fall candy delicacy

White, orange and yellow candy corn

I have no problem asking for more

Sweet smooth caramel apples

Be careful, some might be sour apples

Delicious fudge of many flavors

You can have chocolate or vanilla but make mine butterscotch as a favor

Even Dia de los Muertos sugar skull candy

Are scary and yet so very tasty

Dear Honeysuckle

Dear Honeysuckle

You’re an amazing flower

That holds a secret

You can be white or yellow

And even orange or pink

You can live on a shrub

Or hang from a vine

If I pull the bottom of off you

And pull the stem out

You show us your secret

That you have sweet tasty nectar

Poem – “The Stars”

In the spirit of U.S. Independence Day. Have a fun and safe holiday!

The Stars

The stars

They shine and twinkle

Tell stories from long time ago

They live many light years away


The light

They share with us

Tell stories with brightness

They hold so much energy


The warmth

They give to us

Tell stories with passion

They hold everything together


Our stars

We see everyday

Listening to their wisdom

We live to look up at them 

Poem – Your Capability?

Here is a poem for a combination of Lincoln’s Birthday, George Washington Birthday, and Presidents day. I hope you enjoy and thank you.

Your Capability?

There are times when things don’t go your way

When everything feels lost

You lose hope for the future

You lose hope for yourself

Even so, there is something that tells you:

“Move Forward”

So, you keep putting one foot in front of the other

Not sure of what’s ahead

But who ever truly knows what they are capable of…

Poem – The Light

Here is a poem for Chinese’s Lantern Day on February 14th. This is just a general poem and it doesn’t have specific meaning to the day. It’s all in fun celebration.

The Light

When the night sky has taken over the day

The stars start to twinkle and the moon is shining bright

To move through darkness, regardless of the stars and moon

Can be an obstacle for the human eyes

To take a piece of light from home

Placing it in a keepsake

To hold out in front of you, even in the darkest of dark places

Can break through anything

Even if this keepsake is metal or paper

Even if it holds hopes or wishes

To keep the light burning, in spite of hard times

Can be a wondrous triumph that ripples throughout the world

No matter what is ahead

No matter what lays behind

To keep that hope or wish in the light, in the face of darkness

Can make a human’s life limitless

Poem – True Love

Here is a poem for Valentine’s Day and I have updated the Creation for Children’s Poem page.

True Love

True love is limitless

True love is boundless

True love knows no meaning of imperfections

True love knows no meaning of exceptions

True love starts at birth

True love never ends

True love is express with every breath

True love is alive within the air

True love is found in family

True love is found in friendship

True love can be soul mates of every form

True love can be found in what you do

True love begins without permission

True love never stops existing

True love is far and boundless

True love is all we are searching for

Find Love and Only Share Love