Short Story-The Travel of Horses

Here is the Short story I have created for Chinese New Year, Year of the Wooden Horse, on January 31st. As said before, I have no complete knowledge of the meaning of the Year of Wooden Horse, so this is purely just a story. I hope you enjoy it and have a good Chinese New Year!

The Travel of Horses

     A group of horses needs to find a new pasture to graze. So, the herd moves away from the old field and into the surrounding forest. They enter the woods with small twigs and branches snapping under their hooves. One horse is always on the constant look out for predators, while the rest guides the way. They were careful to avoid any holes that may be small critters homes on the ground. They watch out for any thorn bushes, branches or stumps that they could hurt themselves on. The horses go over trenches and step through streams with round pebbles at the bottom. Their legs weave in between stony slopes and walk knee high in a shallow river.

Finally passing through the last of the trees, the horses now enter into a never before seen open field. Seeing the pasture full of flowers dancing in the wind, the horses fill their lungs with the open air and take off. They gallop around the field with their hooves hitting the ground like thunder. The horses found joy in their new land. However, they stay close to the opening of the forest. Going back to get water and a reminder: of how they came to be at their new home.