Questioning Our Animal Friends: Butterfly, Bunny, Piglet, and Raccoon


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Little Piglet: On Blog

Heroic Raccoon: On Blog

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Children’s Story: Finding a Special Easter Egg

Happy Easter Everyone! And I hope everyone is having a good Passover as well.

Easter Egg Surprise

 On an early Easter morning, two young bunnies named Honey and Sunny and their floppy eared cousins named Hoppy, Poppy and Matt woke up in their Grandparents’ house with excitement. Their grandparents let them spend the night, so they could have an early morning Easter egg hunt. All 5 of them ate breakfast, dressed themselves, and raced outside to start the egg hunt. “Okay. Everyone is here,” says the Grandmother. “Now, everyone has 6 eggs, spread out in the backyard, and each of you has a specific color.” The Grandfather began to speak, “Okay. Honey your eggs are the color yellow, Sunny yours are pink, Hoppy yours are green, Poppy yours are blue, and Matt your eggs are red. Have fun looking for them.”

They all ran out into the yard and began to look for their eggs. Matt quickly finds 4 eggs in no time, Poppy searches under bushes, and Hoppy searches in between vegetables in the garden. Sunny is playing with a butterfly that passed by her and Honey finds something that is out of place. “Grandmother, did you make an egg that is rainbow colored with black and white dots?” asked Honey. “No, I didn’t. My! What do we have here?” said the Grandmother as she came over and is now looking at this odd egg. As everyone rushed over after her to see the egg, it starts to wiggle and jump.

Out popped a little brown bird with a fluffy white chest. The grandfather looks around to search for a nest nearby but no luck. All of the cousins ask if the little bird can stay and be a part of the family. Since there was no other option, the grandparents agreed to it. The grandmother picked up the bird and made it some food. The little bunnies gathered all their eggs and decided to give the little bird one egg from their own pile. So now, all of the bunnies and the little bird had equal amounts of Easter eggs. The 6 new cousins sat and ate their candy in the backyard.

~ This story and artwork has been created by me. You are welcome to share through the link of this blog. If you would like to share (distribute, publish and/or anything of the fashion) the story by itself, please ask for permission first. You are more than welcome to distribute the artwork. Thank you. ~