International Children’s Book Day – Simple Happiness: Box Free 2017


International Children’s Book Day is celebrated on April 2nd, in honor of Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, every year to inspire children to read and love books.

In 2015, I made my book “Simple Happiness: Box” available for Free for a limited time. This year I will do the same through So starting April 2nd to April 9th my book will be free with code: BJ65W that you can only use on My book is usually available to purchase for 99 cents on some major ebook sites (click here for a complete list and links or click “Simple Happiness” on the black bar above).

Don’t forget to share this with other parents and/or guardians. If your feeling extra generous, you are welcome to write a review of my books.

One more note: My book “Simple happiness: Chalk” is always available for free and you click the link above or go to my page: Simple Happiness to know more information. Read an Ebook Week Promotion

I am participating my “Simple Happiness: Box” children ebook in Read an Ebook Week Promotion! During the week of March 5th- 11th my book will be free with the code: SFREE

Got to to look at all participating books or  Click Here

Or to go directly to Simple Happiness: Box Click here

QOAF: Rainbow Edition on B&N

My children ebook “Questioning our Animal Friends: Rainbow Edition” is available on Barnes and

You can click here for a direct link

Click here for a link of all my ebooks available on barnes and noble

Or go on barnes and noble and search for Questioning our Animal Friends or Nancie Louise

QOAF: Rainbow Edition – Free

I have finally published the last of the Questioning Our Animal Friends series. It is currently available at, inktera and apple/ibook (click on the name for a direct link. It will soon be available on: barnes and noble, kobo, txtr, etc. I will provide links when they become available.

This ebook includes the children’s poems I have previously posted on this blog. You can click the links below to read these poems.

Red Panda: On Blog

Serious Orange Clownfish: On Blog

Magical Yellow Seahorse: On Blog

Green Frog: On Blog

Blue Penguin: On Blog

Purple Starfish: On Blog




Children’s Poem – At The Campsite

At a campsite,

the children played and ran.

The parents took out a pan or two or more,

poured out beans from a can,

gathered wood and started a fire,

blowing the smoke with a fan.

They called the kids over when it was done

and they ate right out of the pan.

Children Short Story – The Little Squirrel

I once saw a little squirrel dancing in the snow. I pondered if he was looking for food or maybe he didn’t like the snow between his toes. Whatever it was, it didn’t last long. As the squirrel ran to a tree, climbed high into the branches and disappeared out of sight.

Questioning Our Animal Friends: Butterfly, Bunny, Piglet, and Raccoon


Questioning our animal friends 5

The poems are:

Pretty Butterfly: On Blog

Little Bunny: On Blog

Little Piglet: On Blog

Heroic Raccoon: On Blog

You can purchase this set,,

Apple/iTunes (iBook), Kobo, and Page Foundry

Book subscription company: Oyster and Scribd

Library programs: Baker & Taylor Blio, Library direct, and OverDrive.