Children Short Story – The Little Squirrel

I once saw a little squirrel dancing in the snow. I pondered if he was looking for food or maybe he didn’t like the snow between his toes. Whatever it was, it didn’t last long. As the squirrel ran to a tree, climbed high into the branches and disappeared out of sight.

Simple Happiness: Box


Hello Everyone,

I have a new book that I am independently releasing. Simple Happiness: Box is the new imaginary adventure that Ever and Sky go through. It will be available February 1st 2015. As this is my first paying book, I wanted to make sure that I made no mistakes. Placing it on preorder allows me to continue to fix it without anybody buying a bad copy. I will have a page for this but until then … information and places to preorder the book are below (some stores do offer samples previews now):

Simple Happiness: Box for (US) $0.99

Simple Happiness is about Sky and Ever showing how to have great fun with using simple things you can find anywhere. Making up games and playtime with simple craft projects and your imagination can create everlasting joy.

In Simple Happiness: Box, explores the many possible ways someone could play in a big box. Cutting, drawing, and transforming the box into many different ideas.

You can Preorder this E-book on,

Apple/iTunes (iBook), and Kobo.

Children Story: The Monkey and His Lantern Show

Here is another take on one of Florian fables, translated by Gen. J.W. Phelps , and illustration J.J. Grandville

monkey lantern

The Monkey and His Lantern Show


There once lived a great performing Monkey. Along with his Master, they would put on shows around town and far away for people to see. The Monkey would do juggling, tight rope walking, play the drums and many other tricks. While his master would do puppet shows on the little stage or with a lantern and a screen. There was also the Dog, who was a great traveling companion and he would help them with the shows.

One day while they were at home resting, the Master told the Monkey and the Dog that he was going into town to spend the night and catch up with an old friend. The Master asked them both to take good care of the house while he was away. As the Master left the house and began to walk far down the road, the Monkey thought of a great idea. “Why don’t we put on a lantern show for all our friends and then afterwards we can talk and catch up,” suggested the Monkey. The Dog thought it over and then said, “Fine, as long as we don’t make a mess. This could actually be very fun.” And so, the Monkey took out the screen and hung it up against the wall. He placed the lantern on the opposite side of the room and on top of boxes. Then he prepared a candle, matches and the puppets for the show. Meanwhile the Dog went out and around town to invite their friends the Cat, the Rabbit, the Hen, the Pig, the Turkey, and the Goose.

All their friends arrived and the Dog showed them to their seats. While the Monkey, lit the candle and put it inside the lantern. He began to tell the story of a little girl who lost her shoe and travelled far and wide to find it. He was using his puppets but something was wrong. “I can’t see anything on the screen”, said the Pig. “Yes, there is nothing on the screen except the light,” the Cat said in agreement with the Pig. “Are we missing some part of this lantern show?” asked the Turkey. The Dog quickly told his friends that everything would be sorted out and rushed to the Monkey. The Monkey had a puzzled look on his face. He did not understand why it was not working. He was doing it the same way he saw the Master do it. Until the Dog pointed out to the Monkey, “You have to put the puppets into the light side of the lantern not the other side.” The Monkey quickly fixed his mistake and continued with the show. After the show, the Monkey and everyone else laughed at his silly mistake. “Next time, everything will be 10 times better,” chuckled the Monkey.


The original story of the ermine, beaver, and young boar

the ermine, beaver, and young boar,
who had no fortune ‘neath the sun.
But who had hopes of getting one,
Set out the country to explore.
At last, their many trials o’er,
They reach’d a most delightful laud.

Where beauties shone on ev’ry hand,
In wealth of meadows, orchards, woods,
And all the treasures of the floods.
Our pilgrims seeing scenes so fair,
Were in a perfect ecstasy,
As AEneas and his Trojans were,
With their first view of Italy.
But all this happy land, alas !
Lay circled by a black morass.
Where frightful lizards, snakes, and toads
Were wont to make their foul abodes.
Brought to a stop, they take a view,
And ponder what they’re next to do.
The ermine trying with her paw.
Decides at once that she’ll withdraw.
” My friends,” said she, ” take my advice,
This land is not so very nice.
To reach it we must cross the slough.
And that my coat would ruin so.
That I should die.
Some other country let us try.”
*’ Have patience, dear,” the beaver said ;
” These things require a little head.
We need not always get a stain.
In coming at the point we’d gain.
As I’m a mason, I can throw,
In fifteen davs o’er this foul slouch
A bridge b}’ which we can pass o’er.
And harmless reach the farther shore.”
” In fifteen days ! ” exclaim’d the boar ;

“The tiling much sooner can be done;
I’ll show you how in less than one.”
Then in he leaps into the slime,
Amidst the lizards, toads, and snakes ;
Most lustily his way he makes.
And flounders over in short time.
Arriv’d upon the other side.
He shook the mud off from his hide,
And then with pompous, proud display.
Back to his friends this scorn he hurl’d :

” If you would prosper in this world,
You must, as I’ve done, push your way.”

Children Story: The Ermine, The Beaver, and The Boar

Decided to give my own take on Florian fable, translated by Gen. J.W. Phelps , and illustration J.J. Grandville

beaver, boar, ermine

The Ermine, The Beaver, and The Boar

        There once lived three great friends: an Ermine, a Beaver, and a Boar. They were playing, as they usually did, when the Boar noticed where they were. “Hey! We are not far from that place that grows great wild cherry trees,” said the Boar. The Ermine asked with excitement, “You mean the place where the cherries are extra juicy and delightful?” The Beaver chimed in, “Oh, we must go. To miss out on this opportunity would be plain silly.”

Therefore, the three began to walk to their destination and they almost made it all the way, when they ran into a problem. A mud hole filled with worms, snakes, and creepy crawlies was in their way. “This is where I stop, my friends,” said the Ermine. “I don’t wish to get my clothes dirty the slightest bit.” The Beaver quickly went over to the Ermine’s side and said, “My friend, you don’t have to worry. You know that I’m a handy builder and I can build a bridge to get us safely across.” “A bridge!?” exclaimed the Boar. “Nonsense, clothes can always become clean again and building a bridge will take too much time. Let’s all hold hands and walk steadily across the mud.”

Even though it was tricky when they first stepped foot into the mud, but eventually they all made it past this muddy hole. It was a good thing that they did go across, as the cherries were only around the corner and 20 feet away from it. They filled their bellies full with cherries. They even stuffed some in their pockets to take home later. The Ermine and the Beaver were thankful to the Boar. They would have never been able to make it but that, is what great friends are for.

Aesop’s – The Ant and The Grasshopper

I think this story is the one that most people recognize from all of Aesop’s fable. I read it recently and I felt I should share

The Ant and The Grasshopper

In a field one summer’s day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart’s content. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of corn he was taking to the nest.

“Why not come and chat with me,” said the Grasshopper, “instead of toiling and moiling in that way?”

“I am helping to lay up food for the winter,” said the Ant, “and recommend you to do the same.”

“Why bother about winter?” said the Grasshopper; we have got plenty of food at present.” But the Ant went on its way and continued its toil. When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger, while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer. Then the Grasshopper knew:

It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.


Children’s Story: Finding a Special Easter Egg

Happy Easter Everyone! And I hope everyone is having a good Passover as well.

Easter Egg Surprise

 On an early Easter morning, two young bunnies named Honey and Sunny and their floppy eared cousins named Hoppy, Poppy and Matt woke up in their Grandparents’ house with excitement. Their grandparents let them spend the night, so they could have an early morning Easter egg hunt. All 5 of them ate breakfast, dressed themselves, and raced outside to start the egg hunt. “Okay. Everyone is here,” says the Grandmother. “Now, everyone has 6 eggs, spread out in the backyard, and each of you has a specific color.” The Grandfather began to speak, “Okay. Honey your eggs are the color yellow, Sunny yours are pink, Hoppy yours are green, Poppy yours are blue, and Matt your eggs are red. Have fun looking for them.”

They all ran out into the yard and began to look for their eggs. Matt quickly finds 4 eggs in no time, Poppy searches under bushes, and Hoppy searches in between vegetables in the garden. Sunny is playing with a butterfly that passed by her and Honey finds something that is out of place. “Grandmother, did you make an egg that is rainbow colored with black and white dots?” asked Honey. “No, I didn’t. My! What do we have here?” said the Grandmother as she came over and is now looking at this odd egg. As everyone rushed over after her to see the egg, it starts to wiggle and jump.

Out popped a little brown bird with a fluffy white chest. The grandfather looks around to search for a nest nearby but no luck. All of the cousins ask if the little bird can stay and be a part of the family. Since there was no other option, the grandparents agreed to it. The grandmother picked up the bird and made it some food. The little bunnies gathered all their eggs and decided to give the little bird one egg from their own pile. So now, all of the bunnies and the little bird had equal amounts of Easter eggs. The 6 new cousins sat and ate their candy in the backyard.

~ This story and artwork has been created by me. You are welcome to share through the link of this blog. If you would like to share (distribute, publish and/or anything of the fashion) the story by itself, please ask for permission first. You are more than welcome to distribute the artwork. Thank you. ~


Mischievous Pig Fables: April fools

It was April fool’s day, when a small neighborhood was just waking up. Mr. Groundhog took out a container that has “Orange Juice” on it and began to pour it, only to find apple juice coming out instead. Mama bear looked for her bear scissors in the drawer to cut coupons out of the newspaper, only to find that they have been replaced with little scissors. Mr. Hare took a scoop out of the sugar jar and put it into his coffee. He took a sip and quickly spit it out because it was very salty. Ma and Pa mouse was getting their children ready for school when they realize that the children’s tiny bags have been replaced with monstrous bags. As they all knew who did it, they walked over to Perry the Pig’s house to see that he was drinking orange juice, with a bowl of cereal that has sugar on top, cutting out comic strips from the newspaper with big scissors, and putting the strips in tiny bags.

Perry’s note: If you want to set up the perfect April fools, do it in the early morning.

Children’s Story – My Safe Haven: Desk

I have been working on this story and artwork (yes, I drew the picture myself) for quite some time. This is written in a child’s perspective, so it is written within a mind of a child. This is supposed to be a series of stories of different safe havens. That is why the title has “: Desk”. I hope to post another version in the distant future but not too far. I hope you enjoy it.

My Safe Haven: Desk

Late in the evening, as I was preparing to go to bed, a horribly loud storm came through. The lightning brightened my room every few minutes. The thunder rumbled and shook the house soon after each lightning.

The storm really scared me. I went to my family but each of them said the same thing. “It’s only a storm. Everything will pass by soon,” They said. That didn’t make me feel any better. I went back into my room and lay on my bed. I try to ignore the storm, but the lightnings and thunders were just too much.

I took the blanket that sat on the edge of my bed and wrapped it around me. That still didn’t help. I went over to my desk to take the flashlight out of the drawer. That’s when I thought, “why not go under my desk?” So I took the flashlight and put it under the desk. I grabbed my blanket and put it over me. I went under the desk and turned the flashlight on. Magically, I felt safe.

Then I crawled out of the blanket and found my book, stuffed bunny, and my diary with a pencil. I set them under the blanket and I went underneath. I read a couple of chapters of my book and wrote in my diary while holding my bunny, when I realized something… I couldn’t hear the thunder anymore. I went out of my blanket and looked out of my window. No more lightning was outside and the hard rain had turned into a light shower. I took my stuffed bunny, jumped into bed and fell asleep.

The next day I decided I would keep my new space. I took an old cardboard box that was empty, and put books, notebooks, and pencils inside the box. I put it under the drawer section of my desk. I took a curtain rod, which used to hang on my window, from my closet and asked someone to put it up under my desk. Then I took the blanket and hung it up over the rod.

Now I have place that I go to when a storm comes. Sometimes I just go under there before bed and sometimes I just go under there just to read. I like having my own place that I set up for myself, a place that I call, “My Safe Haven”.

This is connected with the  story "My Safe Haven: Desk". This is created by me for my own use, please don't use image without permission.

This is connected with the story “My Safe Haven: Desk”. This is created by me for my own use, please don’t use image without permission.

~ This story and artwork has been created by me. You are welcome to share through the link of this blog. If you would like to share (distribute, publish and/or anything of the fashion) the story and/or artwork by itself, please ask for permission first. Thank you. ~