Children’s Poem – At The Campsite

At a campsite,

the children played and ran.

The parents took out a pan or two or more,

poured out beans from a can,

gathered wood and started a fire,

blowing the smoke with a fan.

They called the kids over when it was done

and they ate right out of the pan.

Children Short Story – The Little Squirrel

I once saw a little squirrel dancing in the snow. I pondered if he was looking for food or maybe he didn’t like the snow between his toes. Whatever it was, it didn’t last long. As the squirrel ran to a tree, climbed high into the branches and disappeared out of sight.

Simple Happiness: Box Free!


You can download Simple Happiness:Box for free at using this code WY82N (not case sensitive) until September 5, 2015. A preview is below:

Simple Happiness: Box

Written and Illustrated by Nancie Louise

Smashword Edition 2015

Copyright 2015 Nancie Louise

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Questioning Our Animal Friends: Butterfly, Bunny, Piglet, and Raccoon


Questioning our animal friends 5

The poems are:

Pretty Butterfly: On Blog

Little Bunny: On Blog

Little Piglet: On Blog

Heroic Raccoon: On Blog

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