QOAF: Rainbow Edition on B&N

My children ebook “Questioning our Animal Friends: Rainbow Edition” is available on Barnes and Nobles.com

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Children’s Poem – At The Campsite

At a campsite,

the children played and ran.

The parents took out a pan or two or more,

poured out beans from a can,

gathered wood and started a fire,

blowing the smoke with a fan.

They called the kids over when it was done

and they ate right out of the pan.

Poem – In The River

In the River

Swimming in a river,

Feeling the squashy sand between your toes.

The clouds reflecting off the water,

The sun helping you to be a little warm.

Diving your head underwater,

Seeing rocks and plants on the ground.

The cool water all around you,

The waves rolling onto the beach.

Poem – “In The Woods”

In The Woods

Walking through the woods,

Twigs snapping at my feet.

The sunlight peeking through the leaves,

The cool breeze moving in-between the trees.

Hearing the water flow,

Stones along the walking path.

The bugs are hopping in and out of the grass,

The smell of plants and fresh air.