QOAF: Rainbow Edition – Free

I have finally published the last of the Questioning Our Animal Friends series. It is currently available at smashwords.com, inktera and apple/ibook (click on the name for a direct link. It will soon be available on: barnes and noble, kobo, txtr, etc. I will provide links when they become available.

This ebook includes the children’s poems I have previously posted on this blog. You can click the links below to read these poems.

Red Panda: On Blog

Serious Orange Clownfish: On Blog

Magical Yellow Seahorse: On Blog

Green Frog: On Blog

Blue Penguin: On Blog

Purple Starfish: On Blog




Children’s Poem – Red Panda

Here is the first animal in my colors theme: Red

Adorable Red Panda, happily being yourself

How do you do it? How do you always stay true to who you are?

Are you rolling around to show people how cute you are?

Or did you not see the people?

Are you showing how tall you are when you stand on hind legs?

Or are you just trying to see what is up the tree?

Are you showing how soft your tails is when you curl up like a cat?

Or are you just getting comfortable for a cat nap?

Are you lying in the tree to show how flexible you are?

Or are you in the tree to get some sun?

How do you do it? How do you always stay true to who you are?

Adorable Red Panda, gladly being yourself