Questioning Our Animal Friends: Butterfly, Bunny, Piglet, and Raccoon


Questioning our animal friends 5

The poems are:

Pretty Butterfly: On Blog

Little Bunny: On Blog

Little Piglet: On Blog

Heroic Raccoon: On Blog

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Poem – In The River

In the River

Swimming in a river,

Feeling the squashy sand between your toes.

The clouds reflecting off the water,

The sun helping you to be a little warm.

Diving your head underwater,

Seeing rocks and plants on the ground.

The cool water all around you,

The waves rolling onto the beach.

Children Poem – Full Cabinet

Full Cabinet

 I invited my good friend Cindy for dinner.

My cabinet is too full and needs to be thinner.

Then my food pours onto the floor with a boom,

Out of my kitchen and into the room.

My friend, will you come tomorrow for dinner?

Dear Honeysuckle

Dear Honeysuckle

You’re an amazing flower

That holds a secret

You can be white or yellow

And even orange or pink

You can live on a shrub

Or hang from a vine

If I pull the bottom of off you

And pull the stem out

You show us your secret

That you have sweet tasty nectar